Composition Notebook Workshop

I had several requests for this workshop. This little notebook is so fun to make and even more fun to give as a gift. Join me and let's stamp!
1.) Gather supplies in the color scheme you desire.
2.) Stamp image and color portions that will not be covered with glitter

3.) Apply glue to the image you want colored, sprinkle with glitter (shake off glitter and get ready for next color) Repeat Step 3 for each color of glitter

4.) Layer on black cardstock with double sided tape and blend outline on envelope with blender. (Water color markers are great, aren't they?)

5.) Press a push-pin into the center of each flower and insert decorative brads for some extra bling.
6.) Now this gets messy... drop globs (technical term) of glue onto the cover of the open mini composition notebook and smear it around with your finger until entire surface is tacky, being cautious as it may mush out past the top onto the pages, just keep your eye on the pages...we want them to stay dry. Place decorative paper onto cover and rub to remove air-bubbles. Now trim the excess paper away from the book cover.

7.) Punch the tabs for the top of the book out of matching papers, fold in half so they are scored. Using double stick tape, adhere to notebook pages. (NOTE: Adhere front of tab to page in notebook and then fold over to back side of the same page to make your tab pages.)

8.) Punch another tab out of white cardstock to cover ribbon accent. Cut the tab in half. Adhere with double sided tape inside front and back covers with ribbon out so it can be tied.

9.) Cover back of layered design with double sided tape and attach to front of notebook.

This would be a great gift for:
  • Teacher
  • Secret Santa
  • Co-Worker
  • Stocking Stuffer
  • Etc...

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Becca said...

Just wanted to share that Lisa suggested making these to give with gift cards. Perfect size, what a great idea! Thanks for the suggestion.

Happy Spring!

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