Luminario Workshop Tutorial

'Tis the Season to start thinking about decorating for the Holidays.

This little luminario project is wonderful. It is made out of vellum and it is so versatile it can be made for any occasion. I am demonstrating a very simple design here, but it can be adapted to any size candle and there are so many variations including adding brads, glitter, etc...
Here we go:

1.) Once you have your supplies organized, cut vellum to a size that will fit around a candle with a little room to spare, then stamp your design.

2.) Vellum is somewhat see-through, so flip the vellum over and color the back side with vibrant colors.

3.) Here I punched little holes in the top portion of the design for a little 'snow' look.

4.) Place tape on the front edge of the vellum.

5.) Wrap the back around to meet the front making a little tube.

6.) Slip over a candle.


(NOTE: be very careful with the lit candle, watch that the paper doesn't get too close to the flame and as always, never leave a lit candle unattended.)

3 Nice things to say...:

Proudmoms said...

Just fantastic. I love these.

Annette said...

They look fantastic. Thanks for the tutorial.

Tammy said...

These are sooooo cute!

Happy Spring!

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