6 x 6 Christmas Cards

These 6" x 6" Christmas Cards are made using Scrapbook paper.
Cut a 12 x 12 sheet of paper in half, score the middle and if you flip one over (so they are wrong sides together) you can have a designer inside & outside of a card and it gives extra stability...about the consistancy of cardstock. Now it is just a matter of adding personality with accents.
With the Dove Card, I stamped & embossed with gold embossing powder and then painted inside the dove image with bleach to get the water-color effect. The ribbon that ties it together is simply a strip of fabric that is roughly torn to give the worn look.

Again with the stocking card I used a strip of fabric with a rough tear to give the worn edges. Layered on cardstock accented by dragging over a stamp pad for added detail (do you see the red on the yellow cardstock?)...OH and my favorite part: I love the little pom-poms. They are just glued right onto the cardstock. So cute. It just makes this card!
We recently moved and before we left I wanted to do something for my boss that would be special, so I made her a set of assorted cards using this technique. They were so quick and easy to make and they turned out AWESOME!

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