Halloween Workshop

How About a little fun project? It has been quite a while since I have had a workshop. I may be rusty, but I am ready to stamp so here we go...

First we need some supplies (some great Halloweenie colors)

Next, get the base of the note pad holder ready by coloring in the edge of the paper so it doesn't show as white. Now you can layer the green paper, but only adhere the front of the pad holder so you have a chance to fold the seam and insert the rafia before adding the tape to the back side. When you have completed these steps, you are ready to add the post it pad (tip: I usually seperate one note pad into about 4 by pulling them apart, this makes four pads out of one.)

Next we stamp and color our little witchy

And then tear the layers and attach them all together with double sided tape.

Stamp the final embellishment and we are done.
A TREAT for anyone that uses little post-it notes.

Thanks for stamping with me. Come back and visit soon and I would love to hear your feedback. Would you like to see more?

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Anonymous said...

Love how you colored around the witch! I wouldn't have thought to do that.

Cute blog!

Proudmoms said...

Great job on this one.

Happy Spring!

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