Christmas Card Spotlight

I thought I would share a quick tutorial of a Christmas card I made today and I absolutely love...hummm...I am thinking I may send this to my list this year. I even got the stamp of approval from my teenage daughter, WOW!!!

1) Gather Supplies in the color scheme you desire. I am using Tempting Turquoise & Close to Cocoa ink with white cardstock.
2.) Stamp image on white cardstock and then also on a sticky pad (Be sure to stamp across the top of the sticky pad page so you have the the tackiness under your image)
Next, cut the image out of the sticky paper. (This works best if you cut well inside the stamped image.)
Now, layer the small image over the image stamped on the cardstock.

3.) Stamp the solid background image over the masked image on white cardstock. Remove the sticky paper mask and trim the image and distress the edges by dragging over a complimentary ink pad. (I stamped with turquoise, so I distressed with cocoa.)

4.) I am using a solid stamp image and a decorative stamp that is the same size. Since I used the solid with the masked Christmas tree, I stamped the image on cardstock and punched it in a square shape then distressed the edges with the complimentary color (here I used cocoa to stamp, so I distressed with turquoise.)

5.) Stamp a piece of paper cut to just smaller than the card front. (The card shown here was a standard 4¼ x 5½ size.)

Place a small piece of tape to temporarily attach the card front to the card and punch the same size square you used for the accent above.

6.) Remove the card front and add ribbons as decoration. I am demonstrating them here with small strips taped at the back of the card front. (On one of the ribbons, tie another ribbon strip into a knot for an added embellishment.)

7.) With double sided tape, adhere the card-front onto the card being sure to line the square punched on both pieces exactly. (It is important to take a moment to get this right so the finished project turns out perfect.)

8.) Punch the word window punch in white cardstock, place face-down on the turquoise ink pad and rub gently to ink the surface of the paper, then stamp word in cocoa ink.

This can now be added to card-front with double sided tape.

9.) Place foam tape on the back side of accent square piece completed earlier. Close the card and line the accent image up with the square on the card and adhere to inside of the card.

(All done with the card closed, this is why it was so important to line the card-front up with the card earlier.)

10.) Distress the card edges with ink using the turquoise first as it is the lighter color. Drag the card across the ink pad to get the desired amount of distressing and then repeat with the cocoa ink pad.

This is a view of the inside of the card:


I would love to hear your comments... What do you think about this project?

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Mar said...

that after going through all that to make this gorgeous card they etter had "cherish" it!

lovely work m'dear

Happy Spring!

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