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Hi, thought I would share this card and the story behind it with you all:

A few years ago, I was helping my mom & dad decorate the church building for Christmas. My mom remembered a little lady that had her feelings hurt for years because she made a beautiful glazed white ceramic Nativity set and year after year it was not put on display.

We decided we would make a beautiful arrangement on the communion table with her elegant Nativity set. We found the box that it was in and began setting it up. We got to the bottom of the box only to find that there was no baby Jesus with the rest of the figures. Oh no! We scrambled and looked through countless boxes of Christmas decorations and then we looked through Easter, Valentine, Mother's Day, etc...etc... Where was baby Jesus?

Okay...we decided this wasn't a problem since it was certainly Christmas time, we will just go to the store and buy a similar looking baby Jesus figure. We had a nice lunch and started shopping, we went to major department stores, discount stores, craft stores, designer stores, dollar stores and no baby Jesus.

One or two of the stores we shopped at had figures, but we couldn't get them to match her WHITE CERAMIC GLAZE set!!! The sad thing we encountered was how many of these stores didn't sell Christian related decorations at Christmas Time.

We ran into my daughter's teacher in one of the stores and she was surprised to see us and asked what we were up to? We said, 'We are looking for Jesus.'

Long story short: Mom remembered that she had a GLASS baby Jesus figurine in her attic so we went home, got the figurine, and set it up and put a little light behind it. It was beautiful and the little lady from church came the next Sunday morning and was just thrilled that her Nativity was used. (She didn't even notice Jesus didn't match the rest of the figures.)

Mom & I were discussing this and although she already had her Christmas cards, she decided that she needed to send something with baby Jesus on them as He is the Reason for this season...And THAT is the reason this card was designed.
Side Note: I made this into a snow-globe because my mom was giving several snow-globes to the kids that year. I guess it was just on my mind, but it turned out so cute!

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Proudmoms said...

I love the story and I love the card,

J-ME said...

What a special story. I know that lady was blessed by your efforts. Nice cards too!Saw your link on RubberRoads.

Anonymous said...

Your story reminded me of what happened at our church about five years ago. My friend and I were on the Worship and Adornment committee (responsible for the communion table linens and worship decorations). We have a beautiful Nativity set from Costco that we put on the table (we start with Mary and Joseph and the wise men are on the orgam; every week we add figures and move the wise men closer. After Epiphany, we were putting the Nativity set away . . . Baby Jesus was gone. We asked around and someone remembered a mentally ill woman who attended church (we are a downtown church) who seemed fascinated with Baby Jesus.

We couldn't find a matching replacement the following year so we asked our Sunday school children to bring a baby Jesus. We had handmade clay ones, paper mache ones, dolls, wooden ones, etc. It was very sweet to see a dozen baby Jesuses on the communion table the next year. Our minister wove that into his sermon.

Nance in Reno

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