Change is the Theme...

Well, we are hearing it in politics and we are seeing it in our own lives, the big word these days is definitely CHANGE.

I have spent some time the past few months re-evaluating some priorities. I have been thinking about what is important...


... and what I can do to improve those things in my life and hopefully in the lives of others. One thing kept coming to mind:

This summer during my father's illness & passing, I was blessed to witness the amazing generosity & endless kindness of friends and family. I watched as cards & letters arrived in bundles in my parent's mailbox each day. We read them to my dad and memories were surfacing & stories were shared about past experiences that he hadn't thought of in years. A beautiful woman from my parent's church has made a huge impact in people's lives by making & sending them hand-made cards. My parents were blessed to receive many of her creations during that very difficult time. She has inspired me to begin a mission-at-home by doing much the same thing...I believe it is now the time to concentrate on Mass Producing Kindness. so I am going to do what I know how.

I am committing to making cards for those who may need one, and I am inviting you to do the same. A goal is to get a group of people together to 'mass produce kindess' but until then, I will get started.

If you wish to join me, I would love to hear from you. Post a message below or e-mail me and let me know you are sharing... Let's make a positive CHANGE together. Let's give a gift that we can all afford...

a little act of kindness.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you. I lost my dad on Thanksgiving 2006 and then my "baby" brother in Feb. 2008. The cards we received have been a comfort to our family. I have an informal card ministry for church. I just make a bunch of quick cards (paint chips are great!) with Bible verses typed inside. I make 6 or 8 of the same design at a time and put them in a box. Some I give to our minister and the rest I keep on hand when someone is having a tough time or to welcome a baby, etc.

I "met" a lady online whose favorite color is a discontinued SU color. When I went to a garage sale and the SU demo had the paper, ribbon, ink and reinker on sale, it felt so good to buy it for her as a RAK.

Nance in Reno

vickiw said...

I'm in with you Becca, lets mass produce kindness together one person at a time.This is a stretch for me, but I know there are hurting people all around. I'm glad I found your sight.

Happy Spring!

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