Pastels & Penguins

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I adore these little penguins!

This card was a little involved even though it appears like a pretty basic design... here is what I did:

  1. Fill large bowl with water and scrape pastels (chalks) into the water using a toothpick. I used blues and purple for this design...
  2. Cut pieces of cardstock to a size that will be big enough for the image, and that will also fit inside the bowl of water. Lay on surface of the water (with chalk) and remove immediately.
  3. Iron the cardstock to remove the water and prevent curling.
  4. Stamp & emboss image
  5. Trim & layer (I used decorative scissors for the layering)
  6. For the background: Stamp snowflakes with versamark ink then using a cotton ball loaded with chalk, rub across the stamped images. (Here I used three colors of blue)
  7. Add the layers to the card and add ribbon.
  8. DONE!

Although this is a little messy, you get a really fun card!

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Happy Spring!

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