Buttons & Bows Snowman

Card-A-Day (30)

  1. Stamp Mr. Snowman with black ink on white cardstock
  2. Color in hat & scarf with light blue & dark green
  3. Cut snowman out and color around edges with light green
  4. Add buttons to snowman
  5. Stamp a second snowman, color his face and cut out head
  6. With foam tape, adhere head to snowman body
  7. Layer on decorative paper
  8. Trim background paper (light blue cardstock) for frame
  9. Twist some wire around one corner of frame
  10. Stamp snowflakes on white cardstock
  11. Attach snowman frame
  12. Tie bows & attach button brad then adhere to front of card
  13. Layer all on background (decorative paper)
  14. DONE!

What I didn't tell you was that I punched a snowflake on the side of the card that has the snowman frame before I layered. Now, when you open the card there is a surprise snowflake inside to greet you!!!

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