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Card-A-Day (20)
...for Pat
I have heard it said that 'Friends are like Flowers' I believe this to be true. Our friendships grow and are more beautiful with time.
Directions for today's card:
  1. Punch snowflakes several times in cardstock
  2. Run a piece of clear packaging tape over the back of the paper so the punched-out area is tacky
  3. Pour glitter on and tap off excess
  4. Punch to shape desired
  5. Create card
  6. Done
Today I learned that my very dear friend Pat Hughes has gone on to be with the Lord. I learned so much from Pat and respected her so much. Through tears tonight I made this card with a technique that Pat taught me...
Rest In Peace My Friend...I love you

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Anonymous said...

My heart and prayers go out to you and also for your friend and her family. Your card is a wonderful tribute to her. God bless you and soothe your heart during this difficult time for you.

Happy Spring!

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