Mommy...where do snowmen come from?

Card-A-Day (16)

I heard a little kid say this to his mom and I immediately started planning this card. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. Don't you just love little kids???
Oh, and don't you also love the chunky glitter? So Fun!!!

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One Creative Queen said...

Hey Becca - This is WAAAYYY too adorable! I hope you're putting all these together - you would have a really great album at the end. If you mounted them to a bigger piece of cardstock, these cards would make the coolest book! You're really creative - you could bind the book in some sort of neat way. How fun that would be!

You're just amazing...but I still swear you have a blue unitard with a pink "S" on the chest, Superwoman! ;)


Happy Spring!

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