White Christmas...

Card-A-Day (18)

I know this card is a little difficult to see the detail on, but I thought maybe if I told you how it was made, it would be easier to envision:
  1. Stamp Christmas tree stamp with versamark ink onto white cardstock
  2. Cover and tap off excess 'heat & stick' powder
  3. heat until tacky
  4. cover with shimmery snow confetti (I used the kind I found at Wal-Mart)
  5. Place between two pieces of paper and really press the confetti into the tacky glue
  6. Tap off excess confetti
  7. Heat - this causes the confetti to melt onto the glue and is a beautiful raised image!!!
  8. Finally, add a bow (I used strips of shimmery tissue paper and finished off with a little dab of glue and more of the shimmery snow-confetti on the center of the bow)
  9. Layer on Darker color background paper
  10. DONE

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Ginni said...

Very cool card and very innovative. Hadn't ever thought about the fake snow! Thanks for sharing!

Happy Spring!

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