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Celebrate the gift all year long!

I wasn't quite sure what to make for a card today until Lisha suggested a Snowman card. Well Lisha, here is that snowman card, thanks for the inspiration!!!

I guess I have shopping & gift giving on the brain today and I thought it might be kind-of cute to incorporate little presents on this card too. I am loving ribbons and can you tell I am loving purple & green too? (The truth is, I haven't cleaned off my stamping table for a few days and had misc. paper on it and guess what... yep, you guessed it... if I can see it, I use it! he he heee)

With this card I started with a basic card front and the more I played with it, I felt it may need to be divided into sections. I think it turned out cute making three strips and decorating each one a little different instead of a traditional card-front.

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