Feliz Navidad

Card-A-Day (28)
Feliz Navidad - Prospero Año y Felicidad
The ribbon you see here was part of the Christmas Decorations we pulled out of storage and I just knew it would look great on a card!
  1. Mary & Jesus were embossed with black embossing powder
  2. Paper torn around image
  3. Chalk (pastels) rubbed on image and on torn edge
  4. Layered, torn & repeated with darker pastel on second layer
  5. Tied narrow ribbon around layers
  6. Feliz Navidad image was stamped with black ink, torn out and pastels were added to edge
  7. Ribbons were run through round frame (Hodgepodge Hardware) and taped onto back side of card
  8. Layered images were attached with double-sided tape
  9. DONE
It is quite amazing to see the pastels as you rub them across the paper, as they get to the torn edge the color intensifies. Very fun!!!

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