Let it snow, let it snow...

Card-A-Day (27)
This card was made using a brass template and dry-embossing technique.
  1. Lay brass template onto light table
  2. Place white cardstock over template and using stylus outline the design
  3. Using a sponge (or tissue) pick up some ink from an ink-pad and rub across raised image. The ink is darker on the raised areas
  4. Color image with markers (arms, carrot nose, mouth, scarf, hat)
  5. Attach black brads for eyes
  6. Stamp background snow
  7. Layer onto brightly colored cardstock
  8. Attach shaped brads in corners
  9. Tie knot into ribbon and attach
  10. Attach card front onto 6" x 6" card base (I used designer paper for the card base)
  11. DONE

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Gerritnow said...

Hey, I love your photos..they are really nice...

Happy Spring!

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