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Card-A-Day (Merry Christmas)

Today is the final day of the 'Card-A-Day' challenge I presented to myself and I have had such a wonderful time making a card every single day and posting them here to share with you. I am doing this a little early today because it is afterall Christmas Eve and I am going to spend a little bit of time with my beautiful family!
This year Christmas is so different as we are celebrating for the first time without several loved ones. I was really feeling sorry for myself for a few weeks there. Getting sadder and sadder as Christmas day approached. Remembering traditions from the past and how they are no longer to be... because Dad won't be here to read the Scripture, wear his Santa hat and hand out gifts or say prayer at dinner. And little Ivy won't be with her mommy & sissy under the tree playing with toys tomorrow morning.
However, I came to a realization that this is a Blessed Christmas and we need to celebrate, because although Christmas is full of traditions, the true reason for celebrating is the Birth of our Savior. He gave the GIFT of eternal life to all who are willing to accept it. I also came to a realization that Dad and Ivy are WITH Jesus at his birthday celebration this year!!! Can you imagine what that celebration is like in Heaven? This makes my heart happy.

I will still have tears (many I am sure) this Christmas, but my heart is happy because I know that while we are celebrating the birth of our Savior here, our loved ones that have gone ahead are celebrating at the feet of our Master.
Now, that is a something wonderful.

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J-ME said...

Becca, beautiful card. I share your sentiments - thank you for sharing the true reason for this season.

Happy Spring!

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