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Holidays will be a difficult time for my family this year. We will be entering this Holiday Season for the first time without my dad and without my cousin's daughter, Ivy.
Dad lost his battle with Prostate Cancer in June and a brain tumor took Ivy (5 years old) in July. We struggle everyday without them and I am sure the Christmas season will not be easy this year. I hope we can be reminded of the encouragement they gave us and share that spirit with others through Christmas time and through the years to come.
The card I made today is to remind us of the gift of peace that we have offered to us through Christ.
I will keep this faith and I believe that will give strength in my sorrow. I hope it will bring peace also to the others feeling sorrow at this time of the year. We do have much to be thankful for and we have much to look forward to...
This card was great, but I discovered that it was perfect for digital scrapbook pages too, I really like the way they turned out.

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J-ME said...

Beautiful layout and a nice way to remember your loved ones. Yes, this Christmas will most likely be difficult with missing them, but may the peace that only Christ can offer cover the days and give you comfort.

Happy Spring!

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