Warm Ginger Bread Cookies!

Card-A-Day (3)
Warm GingerBread Cookies...
I am inspired today to make a ginger-bread Christmas card by my friend Terra & her mom Joan. They decorate so amazingly every Christmas and when they decorate Gingerbread, that is ALL they use, even the wrapping paper is gingerbread people. They make you feel like you are in a Christmas Wonderland when you walk into their house. Sure wish I could be there to see them this year. I think of them everytime I use this stamp.
The ric-rac was left over from my daugher's "Dorothy" costume and I thought it would make a great accent for the little ginger people, and I was right! I 'stitched' the card together with a marker.
I knew that I wanted to use the tab punch, but couldn't get it to look right until I tried it for a border at the bottom of the card and it all just came together. (I stamped the little hearts and put them on with foam tape so they have some dimension.)
I am doing good so far on the challenge I gave myself to make a card-a-day until Christmas and although a little sleep deprived and the house work unfortunately isn't doing itself. . .the important thing is that the cards are getting made.
Giggle, giggle.

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