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It is snowing...and snowing...and snowing..

It is snowing outside my window today and so OF COURSE, I have to make a card with a little snowman family

I was trying to make this card look like it is sitting on-top of a little present. I think I pulled it off with a little layering of stamped & solid paper. Then I wrapped it all together with a simple white satin ribbon.

For the snow, I glued little beads onto the card with clear glue.

I was thinking that since so many people give out gift cards at Christmas time these days, at least the card could LOOK like a present, ha ha ha. I had fun making this one. Hope someone dear to me enjoys receiving it.

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Nancy B. aka Jean said...

Just thought I would stop by your blog to say Hello. And to let you know I really think that this card is wonderful.

Love all those blues. and Snowmen together.

You have wonderful details too.

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving too.

Happy Spring!

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