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Card-A-Day (5)
Today I am inspired by some great ornament art that I saw...

Another wonderful use for my tab punch! I punched the tab then cut it in half and trimmed with decorative edge scissors to make the ornament topper. Then, I punched a tiny hole in the same gold cardstock and then a little larger hole punch over that to make the ring on top. (They sort-of look like eyelets.)

It doesn't show up like I would like it to in this picture, but the glossy gold paper and string are so shimmery and really make this card POP!

I am having such a great time making these cards. I hope you enjoy them too.

A new task I have started since we moved to Alaska is shoveling snow out of the driveway. It is a great work-out I have discovered, so I plan to really get in shape this winter, he he he.

I shoveled today, scraped & scraped and got all the ice off and guess what??? It is still clear. Woo Hoo!!! It is nice that I may get a little break from shoveling...more time to make cards, Yippee!

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One Creative Queen said...

Very cute cards! I love the idea of using the tab punch to make the tops of the ornaments - really creative. I hope you get a break from the snow so you are able to create, create, create! TFS with the stamping group - you've got the most adorable blog!!

loyaz said...

Great card - thanks so much for sharing and for the instructions.

kellyrae in AZ said...

I like the trick of using the tab punch and then decorative scissors to make the ornament topper and I LOVE the idea of the faux eyelet. That's marvelous. Thanks for the tutorial.

Happy Spring!

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